Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got. ~ Sophia Loren

Sex appeal is that undefined trait or quality that draws someone to you. Here are a few tricks for cultivating the sex appeal attitude. Sophia Loren is right in the sense that part of sex appeal is just thinking and feeling that you have it.

Be fearless

Part of sex appeal is the ability to be fearless. This can be in small, ordinary ways yet it’s a matter of being confident in your own opinions and tastes. If someone asks you where you like to go, a fearless woman would talk about her favorite places to eat and why, rather than being meek and saying I don’t know, you chose.

A woman with sex appeal exudes confidence and she has an opinion. It does not mean being aggressive however. It just means that you can contribute to a conversation with zest. Flirting also exudes sex appeal and you do need to be fearless to flirt. Act with self-assurance and courage and don’t be afraid for a man to get to know the real you.

Be interesting

Sexy people are interesting people. That means that you need to take the time to develop your own hobbies and interests. These passions should exist in your life whether you have a man or not. If you have an active social life and activities you love you will seem more vibrant, alive and sexy to a man.  A man does not want to feel like he has to provide you with everything.  He will be attracted to a woman who has her own life and interests and will want to be a part of that.  Think of Angelina Jolie.  She was independent, had adopted a little boy, and was marching to the beat of her drum doing charity work and traveling the world.  She was independent and living an intense and adventurous life on her own before she got Brad Pitt.

Be confident

A sexy woman can accept rejection. If someone does not like her or is not showing adequate interest in her, she will shrug this off and go off on her merry way.  She will not wait around or bend herself into a donut chasing a man or making herself available for poor treatment.  Insisting on being cherished by a man is attractive.  A girl that sits and waits by the phone and over analyzes whether someone likes her or not is not sexy. That is insecurity which is a turn off. A sexy girl understands attraction and if someone is not attracted to her or interested in her she does not get bitter or needy, she just moves on with confidence.  A girl with sex appeal will only engage with men who treat her well.

Be mysterious

Sex appeal can be enhanced by leaving a little bit of mystery. Maintain eye contact and be honest, however don’t tell your life story to somebody. Keep some things close to your chest and let the man reveal his feelings first. A sexy woman will not allow a man over to her house before he has shown her his house. She does not want to reveal so much about herself before he has made the effort to get closer to her. This drives men crazy and they love mysteries. Don’t tell him your life story or talk in depth about past relationships early on during the dating process. Make him get to know you one step at a time and he will be more attracted to you.

Sex appeal

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