Seduce men by wearing the type of clothes that make them go crazy.  This sexy slinky strapless stunner is a perfect example.  Featured on Thisnext and sold on Asos this mix of innocent color combined with slinky material will turn you into a virtual man magnet.  The fishtail back and ruched soft bandeau front make the dress soft and flowing as opposed to just skin tight and skimpy. 

Attract him with touchable fabric

Not only does she look womanly, she looks sexy but in an appropriate way.  This type of dress will attract men even more than the typical sock-tight club dress.  The reason is that it adds texture appeal and a feminine flow to the outfit.  It makes her both sexy and approachable.  Men love a woman who can set aside the skin-tight clothes and wear something soft, flirty and feminine.  This dress says “I’m all woman” and men love it.  Men love to look at such silky material that drapes on the body and flows giving a hint of jiggle and femininity.  In their mind, they imagine touching it.

To make him go crazy try a soft, silky, feminine style dress. Men love butter soft skin and they similarly love soft touchable fabrics that make the skin and body look feminine and womanly. Choose to wear silky textures in soft shimmery colors and every man you run across will be craving to touch you. Be sure to wear such a dress to appropriate venues of course because you will get an abundance of attention in such a dress. You don’t want to stop traffic and cause an accident!

Attract him with a sexy silky dress

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