Strengthen your relationship with him by saying hello and goodbye like you mean it.  How you greet and how you depart can make a dramatic impression on him during your time spent apart.  Let him know how happy you are to see him.  Leave good thoughts in his mind when you part ways.  This will encourage him to fall in love with you.   You want a man who enjoys seeing you and misses you when you are apart.  You can nurture this by making him a priority and not letting work and other stresses take over when you spend time together.

Provide an oasis of reduced stress to strenghten your relationship

Men love a woman who can put troubles aside and have a wonderful evening no matter what is going on in work life and real life.  Men love to play, and this means you must be a woman that can put your sweetie first. 

Have you ever put your relationship on back burner because other minutiae in life seems to take over?  Have you held up that finger telling him or her to wait a minute, or shushed him in frustration because you were taking a phone call?  How about rushing off after a date because you must get up for a meeting in the morning?  If you hit the door in a hurry and don’t bother to say goodbye, your relationship with him might suffer.  If you want to strengthen your relationship don’t forget the importance of a memorable hello and goodbye.

Say hello and goodbye to strengthen your relationship

You spent a great weekend or date together, but now you’re running late so the goodbye is barely a kiss.  Not good.  Don’t let the wonderful weekend fall flat on a goodbye.  While being a phony and acting overly affectionate does you no good, so does being so preoccupied that you seemingly forget he exists.  Hello and goodbyes are crucial to the strength of your relationship with him.  An affectionate goodbye serves to part with fond feelings, and re-establish the connections you have with your man.

When you see your boyfriend after a break, be sure to let him know how happy you are to see him again!  Give him a hug or even better a kiss, and take the time to let him know how you enjoy your time with him.  If you missed him then tell him.  It is a truely positive reward and will help cement his feelings towards you.  In his mind you will be someone that he looks forward to seeing.  Someone that he pleases and who is pleased by him.  Men love this.

If you don’t have set plans with him, let him know that you look forward to something happening.  For example at the end of the date you can let him know that you enjoyed the date and look forward to the next time you can see him.  That will let him know that you are interested, and he can plan something knowing that you are on board.  It gives him permission to take the next step.

Put him first and let him know you care

Always pay attention to the hello and goodbye.  Try to take time to be romantic, to feel romantic.  Reunions and partings can set the pace for looking forward to seeing one another again.  A good hello and goodbye means that you are invested in the relationship and in that person, and that you care about them coming and going.  Pay attention to your hello and goodbye and you will strenghten your bond with your man.

Strengthen your relationship with hello and goodbye

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