To attract men, intrigue them and always leave something up to the imagination

Give your man something to look at and appreciate while meanwhile leaving the rest up to his imagination. Many women, particularly ones with good figures, find themselves wearing the same thing a much younger woman would go out clubbing in. This is a mistake. If your goal is to attract men you must leave something to the imagination.

Wearing clothes that are too revealing can make you look like you are trying too hard. Instead of making you look younger you look older.  Don’t make this attraction mistake.  Keep it sexy yet toned down by leaving something to the imagination.

To really attract quality men, be sure to keep your dress tasteful and classy. By not showing off all your goods you are seducing him into wanting to see much more. This is a little bit of a peekaboo game that men adore. Victoria Secret models always have the knack for looking sexy yet never sleazy. How do they do it? By showing off their body yet at the same time, always leaving a little something to the imagination.

To attract men, wear a sexy dress or clothing item that showcases one alluring aspect of your figure

To attract men you want to set the bait and then hook and reel him in to you!  Show off a certain part of your body but don’t let it all hang out. Don’t show midriff, cleavage and legs all at once. Instead, pick one feature you want to go sexy with and keep the rest demure.

For example, look at this Victoria Secret photograph of model Rosie Hunt. She has decided to show off her legs, and is demure in the rest of her outfit. The fabric is sweater like and clingy but totally covered besides the sexy legs which is so hot! Her incredible legs are standout while the rest is classy. This is the way to seriously attract a man! He does not need to see it all but rather just a part.

Leave something to the imagination and you will attract men

Remember, leaving something to the imagination works wonders to attract men.  He wants to feel like he is going where no man has gone before and if you dress too exposed he won’t feel that way.  Survey after survey shows that men like a sexy look that always leaves something to the imagination.  The attaction idea is to keep their brain very busy imagining and wanting more!  If you use this simple trick of showing some skin while leaving the rest to the imagination, you will attract more men than ever before.

How attraction works

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