You might think that it’s your beauty, your perfume, your witty persona, or your gorgeous body that make a man attracted to you.  It is true that such traits are going to initially attract a man to you.  But there are some deeper traits that make him attach to you and never leave.  It’s not all about looks.

Here are three of the more substantive traits that men truly seek out in dating a girl long-term.  The first trait is that men love women who are vulnerable.  The second trait is that men adore women who are happy with themselves and do not need a man to make them happy.  The third trait that attracts men is femininity.

Men love vulnerable women

It’s great if you are a power monger career woman and all, but being an executive type around the clock is not going to melt his heart.  A man wants to know that you can dump out the truth and be vulnerable and real down to the core.  Showing your fragile side, what hurts you, and your sensitivities is not a weakness.   In fact, it takes strength to open completely up to a man and men love this trait. 

Some women refuse to confide their insecurities to their men when doing so is what they need to do in order to melt his heart.  If you love him then let him know how much because being vulnerable makes him feel confident and it encourages him to emotionally support and be there for you.  Men love a woman who they truly know they can make feel wonderful.  Women who are open are always rewarded with men who open up more too.

A happy woman always attracts men

This may seem obvious yet you must understand that a woman who is genuinely happy is the most likely to make a man fall in love for the long run.  A man knows that he cannot make you happy.  At the end of the day, you have to be happy already and without him.  Then, your happiness is just infectious and he wants to be part of your life.

A man is not going to be attracted to a woman that needs him to be happy with herself.  It’s a total turn-off and no man wants to be responsible for making you happy.  Making you happy should not be his job and if it is, he will quit.  He wants to be lit up by your smile.  He wants to be refueled by your positive attitude.  And he wants to feel content when he is around you.

Feminine women attract men like magnets

Being feminine involves taking excellent care of your looks for sure.  But it also involves more than just appearance.  It involves being soft in personality to match those looks.  A trait men love is nurturing.  That is why they love it when you cook for them.  It feeds to a natural desire they have to feel babied, pampered and taken care of.

Being feminine involves a soft and seductive appearance but it also involves a feminine way about you.  If your boyfriend exposes a week side then you can be supportive rather than manipulative.  The more he feels at home with you and can feel totally comfortable to be himself, the safer he is going to feel. 

A man wants to be with a nurturing and feminine woman who is supportive and makes him feel comfortable and at home. Attract men by working on personality traits that make them melt. Let your vulnerable and feminine traits shine and show through. Also, work on being a happy person and pursue your dreams as your happiness will attract men to you like a magnet.

Men love feminine and vulnerable women who are happy with their lives

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