What men want is a good mental attitude

We know that what men want is a beautiful woman. There is no doubt about that. What he sees is the first thing to grab his attention. But once you have his attention it takes a winning mental attitude to keep him interested and sticking around.

Being upbeat and positive is key in being what men want

A good mental attitude reigns supreme. Playing games, explicit language, or skimpy attire may physically attract him at the outset but that sort of unfeminine behavior won’t make you marriage material in his mind. You have to have a solid, positive mental attitude and be your own woman and proud of yourself.

The best way to show your mental attitude is to be able to put aside the daily drudgery of life and show you are capable of being spontaneous, and capable of having a good time. A man wants a break from responsibilities and he wants his woman to be able to put him into a playful fun zone. Being around a woman who can leave the past the past and focus on living in the moment is majorly attractive to men.

If you’ve moved on from a fight or a bad scene, make sure to leave it behind. Focus on fun things to do and show him that when he is with you he will always enjoy himself. Don’t always bring up the past as living in the moment and being playful will help show him a positive mental attitude so that he will want to be around you more and more.

Be your best self and always improving to be what men want

Men like women who are into hobbies and busy with them. Whether the hobby is social circles, groups, dance, yoga or entertaining friends men love it. They like to see a woman who can entertain and has a good group of friends. It’s a major attraction feature. If you are estranged from your friends, family, or other people in your life it shows that you have a difficult mental attitude. Focus on your loved ones and having good relationships with those around you and he will see you as the¬†compassionate and kind woman that you are.

Take pride in your home, career and appearance to be what men want

Always make a good impression and take pride in what you do and how you look. A man wants an independent woman who values and enjoys her career or job, even if the job is not as a high powered business woman. If you sell makeup at the local drugstore and really enjoy what you do, men won’t have a problem with it. It’s all in your attitude.

Always take pride in looking attractive as this will turn heads and not only attract your man but keep him in check. You don’t have to be a model, just take care of yourself by working out and keeping your clothing fresh, well fitted and updated. Don’t just throw clothes on. Find outfits that fit well, match colors, and look neat. Make it evident that you watch how you present yourself, and that you care about how you look and act. If he is proud to be around and enjoys your company, then you¬†can rest assured that you are doing it right.

What men want

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