Home is the place you want to return to, Love is the person you want to return to, over and over

Love is that deep euphoric feeling you develop for someone special. It is spectacular and indescribable. When you are in love you always want to be together with them and when you aren’t, you are thinking about them constantly. You know you are in love when you feel that without them your life is incomplete. You wake up feeling excited and you can’t wait to see this person again. This inner happiness and exuberance is exactly the trait that makes you attractive to men.

Why you shouldn’t settle for a man you feel no passion with

Some women reach a marriage age and they just get caught up in doing what you are supposed to do at that time in life. So they may settle for someone that they do not have enough feelings for. They don’t feel that true bliss because they have convinced themselves this is the right person rather than feeling it on some instinctual emotional level.

Settling usually ends in disaster later on because it fills a need in her life but does not truly complete her soul. There are so many women that get serious about a man because of the timing and peer pressure. Be careful that you never become so desperate that you settle for someone that you aren’t authentically passionate about. If you are not authentic it will be hard to hold that ever lasting irresistible charm that drew him to you at first. The feelings have to be genuine.

Some women never fall in love so don’t take love for granted when it comes your way

When you feel like you would do anything to have this person in your life and you also trust them, it is someone truly special and think twice before you let such a person go so easily. Some women never are so fortunate that they meet that elusive man they actually fall completely and wildly in love with. So if you do find someone with whom you feel an intense love and passion for, don’t take it lightly. You might only encounter such a special connection once or twice in an entire lifetime. Handle love with care.

If you are truly in love you are going to be able to do anything and sacrifice things. You would move, or change jobs, or make major adjustments in your life to make things work out because this is how important they are to you. When you go to sleep and wake up in the morning this person is always on your mind. The feelings have no limits or conditions and they are there even when there are disagreements. You always want to make up if you are fighting.

If you have yet to find that person, keep your mind and heart open to new relationships

If you have never had that unexplainable feeling and connection that happens when you’re in love, don’t give up looking for love. Optimism that you will find this person is an endearing trait that will draw men to you. Keep your mind and heart open to meeting new people and get out and about in the world doing a variety of activities you enjoy.

Some women fall in love with a person who does not love them back in equal amounts. They may be afflicted with Cupid’s arrow and remain bonded in an unrequited love for years and it tears them up when their love is not returned. This sort of one way love does happen and it can be difficult to move on from what you thought was the love of your life.

When you’re in love it is incredibly hard to accept it if the relationship ends and it is not your choice. This happens to some women and it is truly heart-wrenching as they wonder what some other woman had to offer that they did not. She wonders why her not me. It can take years to get over a lost love. You must move on though, because it is your only choice. Some time in the future you will get over it and meet someone new. It will seems like a true miracle when someone new comes along that loves you back as much as you love them. Real love is two directional and both people are committed.

To attract a man

When you’re in love you feel a euphoria and a blissful comfort level. You are truly happy. This is an attractive trait and consequently if you have not met your soul-mate yet, you should focus on your own happiness until that day comes. Men are attracted to women who love their life.  You have to be happy on your own in order to exude attractiveness.

If you are single and trying to still find the love of your life then you must work on your attraction. 99% of attraction is mental attitude. You may not have a man just yet but if you live your life happy then men will be naturally attracted to you. You must be happy, sexy and fulfilled on your own. Inner happiness is the key and it is an attraction magnet for men. If you are happy in life you exude that same sense of contentment that couples and people in love do. The happier you are with your own life, the more effortless it will be to attract commitment minded men right to you.

How attraction works

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