What men want in a relationship is to be needed by their partners. But at the same time they want their girlfriend to have their own separate identity. By being an active and independent woman you can capture your mans love.

What men want

Men love active women. Men want a woman who has an active and independent lifestyle separate from theirs. For this reason it really does pay to take up and active interest in a sport or hobby. A woman who is active has things to do and places to go. She is out in the day living her life and having fun.

Ask any man about a woman they stuck around for or respected. Trust me it will be one who was independent. If a man knows you are sitting at home with nothing to do he will be less interested in making and keeping a plan with you. He knows you are there waiting and you will slide down on his priority list.

If on the other hand, you are a sporty active girl with an independent lifestyle, he will know that if he doesn’t make plans with you, that you are always busy and have something fun to do on your own. Your plans and your life go on happily with or without him. That makes him want to be with you more.  If you aren’t with him, he needs to know that you will be having fun with someone else.  Believe it or not if you are busy and have a vibrant life it makes him want to spend time with you even more.

Take up an active sport or hobby to be what men want

Take up an active sport or hobby. It does not have to be competitive. Get a bike and take a ride on the weekends. If he knows you are out and about looking beautiful he knows that other men will see you and try to talk to you. If he knows that you sit home, there is nothing to inspire him to try to claim you as his. He doesn’t have to do any work.

You could go to the gym, start bike-riding, take up a sport, get a personal trainer, or blade on the beach in the nice weather. Any of these activities demonstrate you are fun, active, playful and getting out into the world on a regular basis with or without him. That’s a turn on.

Men love a sporty girl. They assume that a sporty active girl is going to be just as active as a lover and sex partner as well. Sporty is sporty. Being into athletic activities also gives your partner content with which to plan dates. He might plan a ride, hike or other active ideas for a get together.  He might even go camping or on an adventure with you.  This is great because it has been proven that men bond with women when they do physical activities with them.

If you want to know what men want, it includes a sporty active girl. Even if you get a beach cruiser to take a mellow ride into town, it means the world. Get out there and take up a sport or hobby, it will make your man crave you. Men love active women, so get active if you want to be the woman that men want.

What men want and why men love active women

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