Men love women with feminine hobbies and interests.  Whether your hobby is cooking, cleaning, working out, or getting dressed up sexy for playful photos, these hobbies help make you fun to be around and more interteresting.  Just focusing on work, career, bills, and responsibilities does not create the most fascinating persona.  A woman who can set her everyday life aside to pursue an interest is attractive to a man.

Dancing, pottery, jewelry making, skiing.  Whatever your hobby is, it helps to make you attract men.  It’s part of a feminine charm that men find totally irresistible.  Think of it this way that when a man dates he wants his mind to go free of every day drudgery.  He wants a woman who is interested in lively things and has her own passions.

Feminine hobbies

If you don’t have any hobbies you can consider a healthy hobby to get your body into shape whether it be walking, working out at the gym or taking a modern dance class to become more flexible.  Some popular hobbies are cooking, ballroom dancing, singing, running or jogging, horse riding, reading and book clubs, learning a foreign language, blogging, making jewelry, belly dancing, cooking, sewing, making candles or crafts,  public speaking, painting, yoga, photography, decorating, gardening, volunteering, and writing.  You could swim, pole dance, go to the gym, collect antiques or become an expert at aromatherapy. 

Hobbies that get you involved in groups and broaden your social circle are wonderful.  A man will always be attracted to a woman who is plugged into her own interests and social scene.  This is a woman that does not depend on a man for all of her entertainment.  Rather than viewing her as a sitting duck, he views her as a sexy moving target.  Always busy with her own activities. If a man has to vye for your attention it creates attraction in him.

Men take pride in women who have feminine talents. You are more likely to hear him rave about how good his girl cooks than about how high up the corporate ladder she is.  These feminine, womanly talents go along way towards charming your man.  If they involve exercise or activities that better your body shade then all the better.  So if you are sitting home without any interests on your weekends off that must change.  Men are charmed by, and attracted to women who have their own hobbies, interests and passions.

If you aren’t sure what to do then check a community college for classes and interests that you might like, then sign up!  Being out and about, making friends, and doing things that you enjoy doing put you in the best state of mind to attract and seduce a man.  It’s sexy, inspiring and refreshing.  Having varied interests will give you more attraction and connection in a relationship.  You should always be growing as a person and ever changing for the better. 

Soft, feminine and girly activities are a favorite for men.  Whether its arranging a party, cooking, singing, or doing something sexy and feminine, it will charm him.  Get into photography and take some sexy pictures for your man.  Or, give him a belly dance or fun lap dance.  Take a dance class then give him a show.  He will think he has died and gone to heaven.

Some dating coach’s advise women to treat men like little boys that they play with on the playground.  Men like to have fun and go into a fantasy world that is away from every day responsibility.  Any talent you develop, even the splits, or making him a special homemade meal, will tickle his fancy and help him fall madly in love with you. 

Men love women with feminine hobbies

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