There are five clothing items that men are notorious for loving. Wear these items and you are sure to get his attention and attract him like a true mag magnet.

Yoga pants

Yoga pants are a fantastic alternative to baggy sweatpants. Men love them. Not only are the comfortable, they also hug your body and look like they are tight-fitting. Anything that hugs your curves nicely is going to attract a man’s attention. Try a brand call Lulu lemons. LuLu’s are well made, tight-fitting, and completely comfortable.

Boy shorts

Boy shorts are a must have for women. If you can’t pull off this look in public you certainly can in private and he will love you for it. These booty-style shorts accentuate man’s favorite part of the body which is your booty! Try boy short lingerie, or athletic boyshorts that are made fo softball and volleyball. Even if it is just to hang out in the house or take a mini-hike you will make him go crazy.


Well you know that men like slinky sock dresses, but there is a pretty and dainty alternative that men also adore and that is the sun dress. Loose, feminine and flowing, the sundress is a heavenly clothing choice. Men love these soft feminine dresses. You get a hint of what is underneath without looking like you are exposed. Men love a mystery. Unlike slinky tight dresses, the sundress gives you the girlfriend look. If you want to come off as girlfriend material, the sundress is essential.

Little black dress

A classic choice is the little black dress. This is a great dress up option and the black is going to make you look chic and slender. Easy to match to shoes and accessories, this dress is a wardrobe stable that men love. A little dress is sexy, but men won’t know that your black dress also makes you look slender by hiding fat and accentuating the positive. A little cleavage tastefully done can look sexy too. The classic black cocktail dress is sexy and tantalizing but classic and demure at he same time. Men love it and they don’t know why.


Of course men love bikinis. Here is a little secret though, the bikini does not have to be itsy bitsy, micro or string. Just a classic bikini with a supportive halter top and moderate bikini bottoms in a jewel tone or darker color to look slender will do the trick. In fact, given a set of photos and asked what they will like to see their girlfriend, the moderate bikini wins every time. So it needn’t be the skimpiest thing in the world since any well fitted bikini will do the trick. Swimsuits never fail to get his heart thumping.

5 Clothes men love to see you wear

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