Here are four great tips to being a woman who men absolutely love. If you implement these, you are sure to attract him like a magnet.

Men love women who give them …

  • More free time
  • More understanding
  • More pampering
  • More autonomy

More free time

Men love women who give them more free time. If you want him to fall in love with you it is important to keep your own life going strong. Men love independent women and they don’t want to feel as though they are responsible for your happiness. Emotionally strong women can give their man some latitude and men love it. Give him a chance to wonder about you, miss you, and do his own thing. If you don’t have as much going on as he does, and you want to spend all your time with him, he will view this as smothering. Sit back and let him do the pursuing. Make plans of your own and let him know that you are happy in your life with or without him.

More understanding

Men love women who give them more understanding. It is way too easy to be harsh and critical about your man. What women do not understand is that when you push him aside and criticize him, there are many more women waiting in the wings who will be more understanding and nurturing. Take the time to understand what he wants and where he is coming from. Men love women who can see things from their perspective not just their own perspective. Men always want to feel like a woman understands them, believes in them, and has their back in general. If you are critical and dismissive it will eventually wear out your relationships welcome.

More pampering

Men love women who give them more pampering. Spoiling him is very ease. All you need to do is give him compliments, feed him food, and give him affection. This comes down to men being much simpler and less complicated than you might imagine.

More autonomy

Men love women who give them more autonomy. Text messages asking what he is thinking or doing ten times a day are a big no-no, as are texts that nag, whine, or complain. Give him some time to do his own thing so that when you get back together again you have something to talk about with him.

This doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to his seeing other people however. You needn’t roll out the red carpet for a man who isn’t treating you right. It just means that you shouldn’t entwine and enmesh yourself with him early on in a relationship. Let him have his independence. By leaving him alone you can get a clear picture of his interest level in you because he has to do the initiating.

If you constantly do all the chatting up and call and text him frequently, suddenly you are becoming the man and he will sit back and let you do all the work. He’ll become lazy and you won’t get a clear picture of where you stand because you are over injecting yourself. Sit back and give him autonomy, then judge his interest level on how often he picks up the phone to call you up.

Give him plenty of free time, always try to understand him, pamper him and make him enjoy his time around you, and give him plenty of autonomy. Do your own thing and let him wonder what you’ve been up to, not the other way around. Give him a little mystery and don’t always be there at his back and call. When you do spend time together, be sure to spoil him a little bit and keep him coming back for more.

Men love these characteristics in women and its a sure way to create attraction with him. Let him take the lead. If you do this, he won’t be able to complain about your behavior and label you as needy, clingy, or an obnoxious pest. If he misses you, he will eventually reach out and get in touch with you.

Men love women who give them …

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