Try a backless shirt, dress or top as this is a look that men adore. You can bring your sexy back and get attention without having a low cut cleavage shirt that squeezes you up and out in an obvious in your face way. You also don’t need a midriff top, and in fact many girls with a pooch refuse to wear crop tops.

A more demure way to look sexy is to decorate or show off your back. You can have a scoop back or low cut back or even just have a dress that has see through material on the back and even the arms. A pretty see through look on the back of the dress can be alluring to a man. Likewise, if you have a beautiful back you can show it off with a scoop back or tie back or backless dress.

Flaunt one body part at a time and remember, its not just about chest and legs. You can show off a sexy back and have a man falling over himself to be with you. Always dress in a way that suggests sexy girlfriend, not sexy party girl. Show off one beautiful part of your body at a time. A beautiful backless dress or shirt is a look that men adore.

Showing off your back is elegant

Showing off your back is an elegant way to bring attention to your body that doesn’t scream out here are my breasts. In fact, small chested women and those with boyish figures should take advantage of a beautiful back and work that body!  If you feel like you are running around in t-shirts and sweats it’s time to get motivated and bring your sexy back.  You never know where or when you might come across the man of your dreams.  Take time to shop and look for standout items that bring out the gorgeous in you.  You needn’t be slender to look sexy.  It’s all about confidence and the ability to showcase the best of your body in a classy way.

Try a see-though material, cross cross back straps, or a keyhole opening in back

If you are modest try a see through material on the back such as lace. This is a subtle way to look classic and romantic. Another hot look is to have a dress that has straps that cross over or go in some sort of design. Straps can be difficult to keep in place but when they look good, they look hot, hot, hot! V-back and scoop backs that dive low such as the stunning jewel green dress shown here, also look fantastic.

Another casual backless dress style is of course the classic summer dress that might have a halter top tie at the shoulders and bare back. For fancier occasions a dress with a cut out or sexy keyhole design or swooping low cut back can rock the chic.

Show off one body part at a time to keep the look stylish, sleek and appropriate

To get the biggest punch for your sexy backless dress, make sure the rest of the dress is rather demure. In other words, show of your back, not the back, chest, legs, cleavage all together. It’s a classier look and more allurig to show one body part off and in fact it makes that body part stand out.

Men are all about seeing a little something, with the rest left to their imagination. They don’t want to see it all, and if they do see too much skin they may judge the person as being too sexual and form a negative opinion about her personality. You don’t want him to form a negative opinion because he will treat you in accordance with what kind of girl he things you are. Remember, you want to do a very sexy peek-a-boo look that leaves him drooling for more.

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