Do you wish you were a dream girl that men adore?  There are some things you can do to become the girl that all men dream of.  Use these tips to improve your dating marketability and to attract the attention of men.

Pay attention to the way you dress

Guys are not only attracted to your looks and your body.   They are attracted to your attitude and your overall appeal.  In order to increase your dream girl appeal you need to start paying attention to the way you dress every day.

Do you have shabby sweats and ratty t-shirts?  It is time to start sending those to the good will and replacing items with crisp, clean, fresh and new looking alternatives.  To be a dream girl you want to wear relatively modest clothing.  If you wear sleazy club clothes men will be sexually attracted but not in a dream girl sort of way. 

Dress clean, nice and pretty.  Choose clothes that flatter your body, figure and skin color.  Read fashion magazines but stay away from trendy styles.  Go for pure, clean and classic choices to get that dream girl look.  Skinny jeans can be good but torn up jeans and shorts are not good. 

Try jeans in sharp colors like white, black, gray, deep red, or royal blue.  Go for simple looks and avoid trendy jean styles with fading or rips.  Pair jeans with feminine tops that are silky or chiffon as opposed to skin tight/low cleavage. Wear sundresses, skirts, dresses and heels and don’t be afraid to dress up for the right occasions.

Dream girls always care about what they wear. If you are the type of girl that thinks no one will see me it doesn’t matter what I wear you don’t have the dream girl mentality. Dream girls always want to look and feel good no matter where they are going or who is going to be there. They dress nice because you never know who you will run into.

Always remember that a dream girl looks like a beautiful girl you could take to lunch with your mother or even your boss.  She does not look like a girl you picked up at the local bar or night club.

Develop a beautiful personality to be a dream girl

No matter how soiled you think your personality was or is, there is always a chance for you to revamp how you act.  To be a dream girl you must act demure.  That means several facets of your personality are going to need work.  First of all, stop using foul language.  This detracts from dream girl qualities. 

Even if the men around you curse that does not mean that you need to.  Find other words.  Cursing is common-place but it does not lend itself to being a dream girl.  You need to ditch the foul language.  If you use bad language its never too late to clean up the potty mouth and be a dream girl.

Another aspect of your personality to work on if you want to be a dream girl is your kindness.  You need to avoid being unkind.  Some guys are extreme hypocrites.  They might tease you or be rude or be flakes.  That doesn’t mean you need to stoop to their level.  If you act sweet, he will stop this demeaning behavior quickly because he will realize you aren’t the type of girl that will put up with that sort of sarcasm.  This will quickly make you be a dream girl.

Facial expression is key to be a dream girl

Facial expression is important to be that absolute dream girl that men just adore.  You don’t want to be fake but keep in mind there are two things you can work on to become dream girl material. The first is to make eye contact.  There is scientific proof even that when people look at you in the eyes they are more likely to develop feelings of attraction. 

Don’t stare or act creepy, but don’t avert your eyes.  The idea is to give a man the attention he deserves by really looking at him.  It simply means you have his attention and that you like to really listen to what he has to say.  Men like to be acknowledged and good eye contact will help you be a dream girl in his eyes.  You can achieve this by honestly focusing on him rather than being self absorbed with what is going on around you, cell phones, and so on.  Make him feel you two are the only ones in the room.

Another facial expression you clearly need is the ability to smile and laugh.  This is the ultimate dream girl trait.  Smiling, laughter, heck even a good dimple or two.  You want to look happy, and really be happy.  Smiling is literally infectious and it screams dream girl.  A dream girl isen’t going around looking like a bitter, hostile shrew. 

Check your expressions in the mirror and make sure you exude happiness.  If you aren’t smiling often, you may need to work on bringing some happiness into your life.  Try a new activity, a fun class, get a puppy, or pay for those beauty treatments that lift your spirit. 

What ever it takes from volunteering to vacationing you are going to need to do because if you want to be a dream girl you need to smile.  Smiling is priceless.  Keep a good toothbrush, mouthwash, and breath mints on hand too.  Consider getting periodic whitening treatments on your teeth to further make your smile shine.

Hair and makeup to be a dream girl

Clean, polished hair and subtle natural looking makeup will enable you to exude out your natural beauty.  A dream girl looks soft and natural.  You don’t need a harsh tan, or harsh blatant makeup.  Soft looks are dream girl like.  Consider growing hair out a bit because long hair is a major attraction trait men love.  Guys love girls with silky flowing hair.  If your hair is kinky make sure to use softening drops and de-frizzer.  If you have curls you can neaten them up using a curling iron. 

You don’t want messy hair with knots in it and bleached roots.  Try to choose hair color that is very close to your natural color so you don’t have to have obvious roots.  Deep condition regularly so that hair stays soft and supple.  Get trims every few months to neaten up the ends.  You want your hair to look healthy and wholesome.  Body and volume is a good thing as many a dream girl has voluminous healthy hair.

As for makeup, try to enhance your natural beauty without making your makeup obvious.  Men say they like no makeup but you can still use makeup to even out skin tone, flaws, and enhance features.  Use concealer to cover blemishes.  Use a skin tone matching foundation and blend, blend, blend.  Use a natural blusher such as a mineral makeup one that gives you a glow but you can’t tell its makeup.  Neaten and lengthen eye lashes with a long wand mascara.  Pencil in eyebrows to frame the eyes.  And finally, use lip balm to moisten your lips.

Be a dream girl by living vibrant lifestyle

Lifestyle is key to be a dream girl.  Don’t focus or obsess too hard on one boy.  No matter how gorgeous you are if you become clingy, needy or obsessive a guy will turn off and lose interest.  Instead, live a vibrant lifestyle.  If your lifestyle seems mundane then focus on ways to make it more exciting. 

The key is to be able to totally live without him.  This will make it hard for him to resist being around you.  If he knows you have things to do and you are happy without hanging out with him, it will drive him crazy to be with you and he will spend mental energy imagining that he is the one spending time with you.   A dream girl is always on his mind.

Living a vibrant, independent lifestyle helps you be that dream girl that he desperately wants in his life.  Develop yourself with activities and create things to do and places to go.  Blush and flirt lightly with him if you really like him, then let him do the pursuing.  If he acts interested then keep him in the running.  If he ignores you then let him go because he is a waste of time. 

To be a dream girl you are only going to want to invest your time into men that are willing to be invested in you.  That keeps you as the magnet rather than the one chasing down a man.  You may need to let a few hotties go in order to be a dream girl but its worth it.  Dream girls have high self-respect and they only engage with men that keep dates and promises. 

If you have good boundaries and a man knows you won’t stick around for poor treatment, you heighten your dream girl value.  A dream girl is either treated well by a man, or she isen’t available to that man.  The more a man knows that he has to treat you well, the more invested he becomes, the more he cherishes you, and the more you set yourself apart from other women.  In his mind, if you demand excellent treatment and treat him well in return, you are a dream girl.

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