Why men love dresses

When a woman wears a dress or a skirt this is very, very attractive to men. Men love dresses and are attracted to the feminine element and a dress makes a woman look very feminine. That in turn, can turn a man on. The woman looks feminine and he looks more masculine at her side. It’s the yin-yang effect that explains why men love dresses. Men are seeking the ultra feminine counterpart to their masculine being.

Men love dresses on women because they love to see feminine curves and legs

Sometimes when a man goes out in public he wants a woman to look very feminine and sexy. Wearing a skirt or dress can accomplish this. The skirt does not have to be sleazy, a skin tight sock dress, or a dress so tight you look like a tube. In fact, something simple and classic like a cute sundress will make him go crazy. Bandeau top dresses are also a favorite because it shows off the neck, shoulders and bust line.  Natural makeup and heels or sandals always go great with a dress.

Keep the dress tasteful and keep him attracted to you

To appear more demure, date like and less racy, try for a dress that accents one sexy part of your body. For example, don’t wear a dress that is both extremely tight and low cut, or low cut and extremely short. This crosses the line into sleazy not sexy by showing too much skin at once.   To keep it classy go for one aspect of your body to really show off and keep the rest more subdued. You want to suggest something but always leave something to the imagination.  Give him something to think about and fantasize about that is left private and nt on display for the world and other men to gawk at.

Men love dresses so wearing a dress will enhance his attraction for you

Throughout history, feminine attire has always been some sort of dress or skirt. This is a cultural ideal that stands the test of time.  No matter how modern a man he may seem, he knows what traditional is and values a traditional quality woman.  Human nature dictates that the man be the masculine one and the woman be the feminine one. Wearing a dress on a date or special occasion simply confirms this ideal through your dress and appearance.  If you want to attract him, get to know him, or makeup after a tiff, wear a dress.  He will forget whatever you are fighting about and be entraced.

Men love dresses that show off a nice figure

Dresses are very effective in mesmerizing men. They show off a good figure quite well. Particularly if you have nice legs, a dress can do wonders. If you have some pudge to hide you can still rock a dress just wear pantyhose or tights with it. You can couple this with boots.

If you need to elongate your legs try coupling the dress with a nice pair of high heels. This will add height and sex appeal to your outfit. Depending on your figure you can select a shorter or more modest length dress, which ever flatters you form the most effectively.

Men love soft feminine fabrics. Women don’trealize how much men love blousy flouncy or silky tops and soft touchable fabrics such as a knit or angora sweater. Anything with a textured soft feel or billowing flowing look will help make you look like the goddess you are. You don’t have to choose a super tight club dress. Something soft, flowing and touchable looks just as nice.

Men love to see feminine women. Dresses, heels and long hair are all attraction magnets for men. The added bonus is that if you wear something feminine and pretty, it has the effect of making you feel feminine and pretty.  So don’t forget to fix your hair, polish your nails and apply natural makeup.  For the finishing touch choose a feminine outfit to attract men.  Smile.

Why men love dresses

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