Confidence is beautiful. Confidence is attractive to men. No matter your size, no matter your weight. Be confident in who you are and you’ll be beautiful

Confidence is beautiful and confidence is attractive to men. One of the most attractive traits a woman has is to be confident. If a man knows that a woman is confident he will respect her more. He will not have to deal with immature behavior or issues arising out of insecurity in the relationship. Most men, at least the normal ones, want a woman who they consider to be an equal in the relationship.

Men like confident woman because they aren’t afraid to really be themselves. If you are too quiet and shy, he may become equally timid to bring you around his friends.  Note that becoming confident does not mean brash behavior.   A man wants to bring a woman around his friends that is confident and trustworthy, but still soft-spoken nonetheless. She must never betray him, humiliate him, or call him out and embarrass him around his friends or family. Her confidence is more of a stability she has. He knows that he can count on her as a good partner.

Confidence is attractive to men

A confident woman will not have hesitation to say what she feels at the appropriate time, in private. He can be sure that he will get the real deal from her and she won’t be a game player or a drama queen. Men like independent woman who don’t need them as life support. A confident woman will not tolerate poor treatment, cheating, lying or shenanigans which means that a man will be more inclined to behave around her. He knows that if he blows it, he might really lose her and so he puts more value into his relationship with her.

A man who values a woman will also treat her better than one he has no respect for. That value is connected to her confidence level. She believes in herself and her world will not come crumbling down without him. She has her own life, her own friends and her own interests. He compliments her but does not become everything to her.  A confident woman provides a man with some pressure relief because he will feel that he is with a strong woman.  He does not want to be the end-all be-all to somebody because that puts pressure on him.

Gutsy, confident women are more self-reliant. When a man knows that she doesn’t rely on him for every little need she has, he becomes naturally attracted to her. Men hate needy girls because from an emotional standpoint a needy girl is coming after him for supply. He doesn’t want to be emotionally chased because it is a turn off. Men want to do the pursuing and they feel that a woman who does not chase them is hot. It is just based on the laws of attraction and also biology.

Confidence is beautiful

Work on becoming more self confident and you will attract men to you. Have your own life, friends, interests and career.  Don’t throw your friends away because you have a man.  Keep them as stable forces in your life.  The more you are happy on your own, the more a man will be drawn to you. It keeps you independent and confident and then a man becomes magnetically drawn to you. He feels that you don’t need him to live so he is making his own choice to come around you.

Men find women who suffocate them with their needs as unattractive. That’s why confidence in a woman is so incredibly attractive to men. They feel like they are attracted to an independent vibrant woman, as opposed to having to push off a needy wet mop. Insecurity and neediness repels men, confidence attracts them.  Work on your confidence, and you will attract men naturally as a result.

Men love confident women. A man will find a woman beautiful when she stands on her own two feet. She’ll be someone who he is naturally attracted to and he will vie for her time and attention as a result. When he knows she can live with him or without him, he is attracted and sees her as more beautiful and desirable.  Beauty is not always about looks, your weight or your body.  It is also about your confidence, how you act, and how you carry yourself when you are around him and his friends.  He wants a confident, secure, and sensitive woman who would not embarrass or humiliate him in public and who compliments his life.  You can be confident and still feminine, soft and demure.  A confident, emotionally stable woman with a pleasant, calm, but adventurous disposition reigns supreme with men.

Men love confident women

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