When a man is young and just sowing his wild oats, he will not always be looking for a woman who is girlfriend, wife or relationship material.  He might even try to avoid these types of girls because he is a bachelor and wants to stay that way.  If he is playing the field he will likely to avoid these types of girls in favor of bouncing party girls and night-life princesses.

Eventually though, a man is going to get serious with a certain type of woman and she does not always equal the woman he wants to meet in the club.  There are certain types of girlfriend material girls who can capture a mans love and with whom a man will get seriously involved.   If you are wondering whether you are girlfriend material check the following traits list here.  Girlfriend and wife material characteristics include many of these specific traits.

1.Men want a woman who is feminine. That means, she is not loud or obnoxious. She knows how to handle herself and can be trusted to go out with important clients, business associates, or his family members. She knows how to act in public. She is feminine when she needs to be, but smart and tough enough to handle difficult situations when they arise. Simple ways to work on femininity would be to never swear, avoid screaming and yelling, and maintain a neat and presentable appearance that would be deemed acceptable in any crowd.

2.Are you understanding of other people? Men want a woman who is not overly critical or harsh. If you are sympathetic to others and have a kind heart, then a man will love that trait. Work on being understanding and tolerant rather than critical and condescending. An example would be to avoid being rude in public. Even if the waitress messes up the order or the clerk takes forever for that return, stay calm and show that you are tolerant and don’t fly off the handle.

3.Men want a woman who is really a nice person in general. He doesn’t mind if she uses her sex appeal to keep him attracted. He doesn’t mind if she goes above and beyond to look incredible and maintain her figure and outfits. What he really loves though, is when she treats others fairly and refuses abuse her power. Such a woman would be less critical of his family, friends and hobbies and he will be comfortable letting her into his inner circle. Can you be trusted to be nice to his friends and family or would you cut them down? Try to accept his friends and family members because if they genuinely like you, he will like you even more.

4.A man wants a woman who is independent and doesn’t depend on a man or other individuals to run her life. She is employed, takes care of her business and she is capable to stand on her own in the world. He does not want to feel like he has to be her everything. Rather this is like a power couple thing. He wants here to have her own family, friends, interest, and life so that she has something to bring to the table. Men love a woman who can make a good social life for him and this means she has friends, things to do, cool places to go, and incredible people to hang out with. If you want to be girlfriend material you need to develop your own strengths so that he wants more of what you have. Think about developing traits that help you have something to bring to the table in a relationship.

5.A man wants a woman who lets a man be a man and lead. This doesn’t mean that she can’t step up whenever she wants to, but she needs to let him feel like he is the man. She needs to genuinely look up to him. She needs to believe that he is amazing. Even Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt, a power couple both strong in their own rights, have this going on. You can tell that Jolie really does look up to Brad Pitt, and that no doubt she adores him. She thinks he is incredible. Have you ever wondered why some powerful career men get married to women who don’t match those career ambitions at the same level? It is because they are seeking a woman who can be perfectly happy in more of a supportive role. You would expect such a man to be hooked up with a power house woman, but he may not always want that. She can be a go-getter, as long as she lets him lead. When a woman can let go and follow a mans lead there is less opportunity for power struggle in the relationship. She knows how to let go.

6.Men love a sex kitten but you better have some additional game. That means you have interests and hobbies that involve other things besides just being a slave to him. If your only interest is in your man and sex he will start to feel completely smothered after a while. Your life will revolve too much around him. Develop your own identity and personality that does not necessitate him. If he goes out of the picture, your life goes on just fine. He needs to know you aren’t an emotionally dependent marshmallow. Try developing hobbies and special skills. You could become a good cook, learn to dance, take up sports to stay fit, or have other has hobbies than just sex and your man. He need to know your life is full even without him in it.

7.A man does not want a woman who will cheat or betray him obviously. If he has any sense that a woman will not be committed and loyal he may not commit to her. Divorce and breaking up a family are terrifying prospects to men and it makes them fear commitment and marriage. They need to feel absolute confidence in anyone they commit too. Therefore, if you want him to commit then be the loyalty and trusting type. Cultivate the ability to open up and connect at the core level with him.

8.Every man is going to have certain things he really admires in a woman. For example, does he love the mothering type, a good cook, a career woman, or a stay at home mom type? Depending on what he is looking for and what he has grown up with and sees as his lifestyle, you need to have these strengths. If you are strong or talented in certain characteristics that are deemed important to him, he is going to love you that much more. Sometimes you don’t know what these characteristics are, but if you get to know him and get an understanding of what he is looking for, you will start to see. Essentially, he needs to see compatibility in the two of you.

9.A man values a good lover. Though not the most critical, having good chemistry and being real in bed are essential to keep the sparks going with him. You should be good in bed but not stereotypical. It is fine to have your own quirks. What really counts is that you understand his quirks too and are an enthusiastic, caring and attentive lover to him. Be sure to get to know all of his little quirks too.

10.A man wants a woman who shares similar dreams and outlooks to his. He needs to see the two of you as fitting together in a longer term situation. You can become girlfriend material to a man if you share similar dreams about life and the direction it is taking. If you are only staying in his area for a short time or just passing through on your way to bigger and better things he may not be able to envision a longer term relation with you. A man is going to get serious with someone who seems to fit well with his life. He needs to be able to see you as fitting in with him.

11.A man values a woman who supports him in his endeavors. Even if she may not fully understand it at a logical level, she is supportive. So if he is starting up a business, or struggling to accomplish a goal, she supports him and efforts. Are you a woman who expects too much out of your man? If you haze him because he does not earn enough money for example, this would put you on the outs. A man who is going to value a woman who supports his dreams and what he is doing in life, also what station he is presently at in life from a financial perspective.

If you want to become more of a girlfriend or wife material woman, you can work on developing some of the above traits to make yourself more valuable on the dating marketplace. Another tip is to date man who are relationship oriented. For example if you are college girl looking to get married you would want to consider dating men who are a little bit more serious and getting into their careers, maybe in their upper twenties. Such men might be more relationship oriented than say the local fraternity partying boys. The point is, develop yourself into girlfriend material as best you can, and then invest yourself in men that are in a mode to settle down. Becoming the right type of girl by developing yourself, and finding the right type of guy (weeding out the wrong ones) is the winning combination for getting that relationship you truly desire.

How to be girlfriend material

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